Branded Messages on Pot Plants


Israel Reff: Research and development, marketing and cultivating of Branded Pot Plants as gifts and event giveaways.  

Branded Messages on Pot Plants are my distinctive creation

Expressing my love of people and plants

Having been in this business for the past 60 years

I have the honor and the pleasure of connecting people

Through their businesses and personal relationships

Helping them to express their appreciation and love to others

In an engaging way that achieves 100% success!

You are invited to send a message to the important people in your life,

to be in their minds daily, through the green experience of a growing plant

Send a message to your clients and guests at your personal or business event.


Your message branded on a pot plant is an unforgettable souvenir that will always be presented on a desk instead of in the drawer.

A pot with a green message of personal growth and a blossoming business

A message of love in the tree of love, and message of abundance with the tree of abundance, a message of happiness with the tree of happiness, a message of health with the health plant and a message of luck and blessings with the tree of luck.


A personal branded message on a pot plant, for your clients or the guests at your event


Pots of unique plants which have been researched for many years, enduring and resilient plants that are easy to maintain, and will survive for many years even if you don’t have green thumbs.

Branded messages in a Pot Plant

These are perfect for: branded pot plants for gifts with a message, promotional gifts, for conferences, conventions, launching events, employee gifts and holiday gifts, for your customer list, for social and private events, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and birthdays.

A wide range of products of excellent quality gift wrapped to meet any budget

Our clients include government offices, public organizations, institutions, associations, companies, advertising and public relations agencies, production companies, workers, event planners, event organizers, and private entities.

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What is your message?  Branded Messages in a Pot Plant


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